Decree Heart Earrings


Heart Decree Earrings from the Mexico Heart Collection by María Belén Jewelry, made of .925 Silver, chiseled and openwork technique, matt oxidized finish. Handmade in Mexico, in an artisanal way.

When there is certainty, everything divine manifests. This beautiful pair of earrings is made up of the nascent flower that gives seeds to love, love for your partner, self-love, love for family, love for a project, love for life. That love is represented by two birds in a meeting, dancing and flying over a fire that is born from the heart and the certainty of vision, knotting the decree of the agreement in the center, within the heart, like an alliance, a promise. This design works perfect for everyday as well as special occasions.

To maintain the care of this piece we recommend cleaning with a flannel, avoiding direct contact with perfumes, creams, lotions, cosmetics and saline solutions.