Elle Magazine collaboration Mexican designer jewelry

Elle magazine exposes a beautiful session with jewelry by María Belén, a Mexican designer of author jewelry. The session was in charge of the photographer Ricardo Chávez, the models Maria Ruleva and Maya Kruczkowska wear pieces from the Textures collection, which brings together an exquisite selection of textured silver earrings, rings and necklaces with artisan […]

Emilia Bassano play’s actresses wearing María Belén jewelry

“Emilia is the untold story of Emilia Bassano, the first English-language poet of the Renaissance whose work was published at a time when women were forbidden to write, sing and simply decide and be themselves. Written by the English playwright Morgan Lloyd Malcolm and winner of the British Lawrence Olivier Award for Best Comedy and […]

Maya Zapata wearing designer Mexican jewelry

Actress and activist Maya Zapata proud to model María Belén Jewelry’s signature jewelry, empowered with the Corazón Fuego Necklace from the México Corazón Collection gave an interview to Dixpa Magazine. The actress spoke in the interview about the Poder Prieto foundation, which she presides over, with class and race consciousness, she exposes her journey as […]

Cover Magazine Grazia (Bulgaria)

María Belén Mexican silver earrings on the cover of the fashion magazine Grazia, a weekly women’s magazine of Italian origin and with international reach in countries such as Bulgaria, Australia, Germany, Argentina, etc. In the first photo, Brazilian model Danielle Marion wears earrings from the Magic México collection, while in the second photo, with an […]

Malvie Magazine (France) Textures Collection Front Cover

MALVIE FRENCH MAGAZINE is a revolutionary publication in the fashion, beauty and art industry, dedicated to showcasing the most talented and innovative emerging artists and photographers such as jewelry designer Maria Belen Nilson. Dominique Ruíz wears pieces from the Textures Collection by María Belén Jewelry.   Photography: Juan Carlos Santos @juan_santosphoto Model: Dominique Ruíz @dominiqueruizmx […]

Artells Magazine Presence Femenine Flash

We present the collaboration of María Belén Jewelry with Artells Magazine, a photo magazine of beauty, fashion, art, portraiture and fine conceptual art. The photo session entitled “Presence Feminine Flash” was in charge of Juan Carlos Santos, where the fashion model Lilly Marie Lagodka wears pieces of jewelry by the designer María Belén Nilson, specifically […]

Ana Barbara, OutFit of the seventh concert of the program La Academia

Ana Bárbara captivated the Mexican public with designer garments, and the jewelry of her outfit was in charge of María Belén Jewelry. She wore an impeccable dress by Willfredo Gerardo, designer jewelry by designer María Belén Nilson, achieving a stunning look like a goddess. The bracelets worn by the Grupera Queen are part of our […]


La Revista L´AMOUR es una plataforma apasionada por la moda, la belleza y los artistas, queremos ofrecer contenido único de calidad que se disfrute e inspire y donde quieras pertenecer. The pieces worn by the model Anabelle Mora are the Donut Mirror Earrings. Photography: Juan Carlos Santos @juan_santosphoto Model: Anabelle Mora @by_anabelle by Wanted & […]

The jewelry worn by Ximena Sariñana on the cover of Glamor Magazine

Ximena Sariñana, the woman of the year with María Belén Jewelry earrings 😍 The singer and actress Ximena Sariñana has been named by Glamor magazine as Woman of the Year in Mexico and Latin America in the Art category, due to her career in music, dubbing and acting. Ximena’s career began in 1994 playing the […]