The Vision of Love Necklace


Necklace from the Mexico Heart Collection by María Belén Jewelry, made in Silver .925, chiselled technique, matte oxide finish. Handmade in Mexico, in an artisan way.

Whenever love moves our lives, magic arouses at every step, and this beautiful necklace reminds us of it with its symbols and color palette. Vision is born from the resplendent copper heart, the divine gaze, enveloping you in the magic of love.

The links of the chain in the form of infinity will manifest the abundance of that love that lives in you and that surrounds you. Are you ready to receive love with full hands? This is the necklace and in combination with the earrings your look will be a complete fascination.

It has the delicacy and strength to be used in a casual look, as well as for special events, share your photos using it through our social networks, we would love to see you. 😊

To maintain the care of this piece we recommend cleaning with a flannel, avoiding direct contact with perfumes, creams, lotions, cosmetics and saline solutions.